Lash Glue Remover


♥ Size : 5g /10 g / 15g / 20g /25g 

♥ Smell: No Flavor / Lemon / Rock Melon/ Rose/ Lavendor / Banana

Product Overview:

UBLash introduces the Advanced Eyelash Extension Remover, a professional-grade solution expertly crafted for the safe and efficient removal of lash extensions. Perfect for use with all types of eyelash extension glue, this remover is essential for professionals who prioritize both effectiveness and client comfort.


Key Features:

  • Effective on All Lash Glues: Specially formulated to dissolve various eyelash extension glues, ensuring a smooth removal process.
  • Gentle Formula: Our remover is gentle on the skin and eyes, making it suitable for clients with sensitive skin.
  • Quick and Efficient: Designed for quick action, this formula significantly reduces the time needed for lash extension removal.
  • Comprehensive Lash Care: Offers a complete lash care system, including both high-quality eyelash extension glue and remover.
  • Ideal Glue Remover for Eyelashes: An indispensable tool for lash technicians, guaranteeing safe and effective removal without damaging natural lashes.



  • Safety and Ease of Use: Ensures a safe and hassle-free removal process, suitable for professional salon use.
  • Preserves Natural Lash Health: Gently removes extensions, maintaining the integrity of natural eyelashes.
  • Time-Saving Solution: Increases salon efficiency with its fast-acting formula.

Customization and Brand Support:

  • Private Label Option: UBLash offers a private label option for our eyelash extension remover, with a minimum order quantity of just 50 bottles. This allows salons to brand the product with their own logo and design, enhancing brand presence and client loyalty.
  • Brand Personalization: We assist in creating a custom look for your brand, ensuring your products stand out in the beauty industry.


Ideal for:

  • Lash Salon Owners and Certified Lash Technicians seeking an effective and gentle remover for eyelash extensions.
  • Professionals in need of a comprehensive lash care range including both glue and remover.
  • Lash artists looking for a high-quality, branded glue remover for eyelashes.


Ordering Information:

For details on pricing, bulk orders, and private label options, please contact our sales team. We are committed to offering efficient service, competitive prices, and low MOQs to support the growth and success of your lash business.

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lash glue raw material

UBLash Production Process: Where Premium Quality Meets Rigorous Testing

At UBLash, our production process is designed to meet the highest industry standards. We begin by sourcing German-imported raw materials, which are then stored in our specialized warehouse.

Before entering the production line, each batch is subjected to over 10 rounds of rigorous testing to ensure quality and consistency. This meticulous approach sets UBLash apart as the go-to supplier for reliable, high-quality lash extensions.

UBLash: Pioneering Excellence with Advanced Facilities and Precision Control

At UBLash, we boast one of the most modern and advanced production facilities in the lash extension industry. Our cutting-edge technology allows for pinpoint accuracy in ingredient measurement, ensuring that each product meets our exacting standards. We exercise meticulous control over ingredient amounts and quality, and uphold the highest levels of cleanliness throughout the manufacturing process. This commitment to precision and hygiene makes UBLash the trusted choice for premium lash extension products.

lash liquid laboratory

UBLash: In-House Laboratory for Uncompromising Quality Assurance

At UBLash, we take quality control to the next level with our dedicated in-house laboratory, specialized for lash products—particularly lash liquids. Each batch of lash liquids is sampled and rigorously tested in our lab before it ever leaves our facility. This ensures that every product shipped meets our stringent quality criteria, providing our clients with the assurance they need to trust in the UBLash brand.

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