Promade Loose Fans


♥ Thickness: 0.03/0.05/0.07mm

♥ Curl: C/CC/D/DD//L/M

♥ Length: 7mm-20mm

Discover the ultimate in lash perfection with our ProMade Lash Fans. Crafted for the discerning lash technician, these premade Volume Loose Fans blend impeccable quality with the ease of pre-made styles. Our ProMade Fans are carefully designed to provide lush, full volume with a lightweight feel.



  • Type: ProMade Lash Fans (also known as Promade Fans, Pro Made Fans, Promade Lashes)
  • Style: 3D-20D Volume Fans (also referred to as Russian Grip Fans)
  • Color: Stunning Black, Pink, Purple Fans, adding a unique touch to your lash artistry
  • Quality: Superior Promade Lashes, ensuring consistent excellence in every fan
  • Convenience: Pre-made for efficiency, perfect for busy lash salons and technicians
  • Bulk Availability: Offered in bulk (Promade Fans Bulk), ideal for extensive client demands
  • Variety: Available in various lengths and curls to suit diverse client preferences
  • Packaging: Elegantly packed, reinforcing the premium nature of the product


Benefits for Lash Technicians:

  • Time-Saving: Pre-made fans reduce application time, allowing for more client appointments
  • Versatile: Suitable for various lash extension techniques, including classic and volume applications
  • Consistency: Each fan is crafted to perfection, ensuring uniformity and ease of application
  • Client Satisfaction: High-quality lashes enhance client experience and retention


Elevate your lash game with our ProMade Lash Fans, where quality meets convenience. Perfect for lash technicians seeking to provide top-tier services with efficiency and flair. Choose our ProMade Lash Fans for a touch of luxury in every blink!



♥ Customized Undercards with your label

♥ Customized Cardboard box with your label 

How to use promade fans?

  1. Grab a silicone pad
  2. Take a bundle of loose fans and put them on the silicone pad.
  3. Gently use your tweezers to separate them and arrange the fans inline Do this as you go throughout the appointment or prep them beforehand to shorten the application times
  4. Dispense a drop of adhesive on to the palette
  5. Isolate the natural lashes
  6. Dip the fan into the adhesive (bottom 2mm)
  7. Apply the fan to a natural lash and repeat the process



Loose Fans vs. Premade Fans on a Strip

Loose Fans

*Quantity: High volume per box (500-1000 fans), sufficient for up to 15 clients.

*Cost Efficiency: More cost-effective, offering a larger quantity for the price.

*Application: Time-consuming in application, demands more skill.

Pre-lined Premade Fans 

*Organization: Arranged on a strip, maintaining shape effectively.

*Shape Retention: Superior due to strip alignment.

*Convenience: Facilitates quicker application; ideal for time-efficient sessions.

*Quantity per Box: Contains 120 fans, typically enough for 2 clients.

premade vs loose fans

Befrore vs After Pro made Lash Fans

Befrore vs After Pro made Lash Fans


Loose fan lash extensions are pre-made fans that consist of multiple lash strands held together at the base with a small amount of adhesive. They are designed to create a voluminous and dramatic look for lash extensions.

Regular lash extensions are applied individually to each natural lash, while loose fan lash extensions are pre-made fans that are applied to multiple natural lashes at once. This allows for a quicker application process and a more voluminous effect.

Yes, ProMade Fans come in various styles, including narrow and wispy lashes, and even colored options, allowing for versatile lash artistry.

ProMade Fans offer a wide range, from 3D to 16D, catering to various volume preferences and styling requirements.

While regular Premade Fans are typically bonded at the base and are picked up as one unit, Promade Loose Fans are not bonded at the base, offering more versatility in adjusting the fan’s width during application.

While the fundamentals of lash application remain, adjusting to the flexibility and customization of Premade Loose Fans might require some practice. Training or workshops can help technicians master the nuances.

ProMade lashes use the “pinch” method for a small base and minimal adhesive use, enhancing application efficiency.

ProMade Fans save time during appointments and, when applied correctly, offer the same lash retention as handmade fans, enhancing professional efficiency.

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